Source code for asyncspotify.playing

from datetime import datetime, timedelta

from .device import Device
from .object import SpotifyObject
from .track import FullTrack

[docs]class CurrentlyPlaying(SpotifyObject): ''' Represents a Currently Playing object. timestamp: datetime When the object information was created by the Spotify API. progress: timedelta How far into the current track the player is. is_playing: bool Whether the track is playing or not. track: :class:`Track` What track is currently playing, can be ``None`` currently_playing_type: str What is currently playing, can be ``track``, ``episode``, ``ad`` or ``unknown``. ''' def __init__(self, client, data): super().__init__(client, data) self.timestamp = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(data.pop('timestamp') / 1000) self.progress = timedelta(milliseconds=data.pop('progress_ms')) self.is_playing = data.pop('is_playing') item = data.pop('item', None) self.track = None if item is None else FullTrack(client, item) self.currently_playing_type = data.pop('currently_playing_type')
[docs]class CurrentlyPlayingContext(CurrentlyPlaying): ''' Represents a Player object, extends :class:`CurrentlyPlaying` This type has some additional attributes not existent in :class:`CurrentlyPlaying`. device: :class:`Device` What device is owns this context. repeat_state: str The repeat state of the player. Can be ``off``, ``track`` or ``context``. shuffe_state: bool The shuffle state of the player. Can be ``True`` or ``False``. ''' def __init__(self, client, data): super().__init__(client, data) self.device = Device(client, data.pop('device')) self.repeat_state = data.pop('repeat_state') self.shuffle_state = data.pop('shuffle_state')
[docs] async def next(self): '''Skips to the next track.''' await self._client.player_next(
[docs] async def prev(self): '''Goes to the previous track.''' await self._client.player_prev(
[docs] async def play(self, **kwargs): ''' Starts playback. :param kwargs: Body parameters of the request. .. code-block:: py player_play( context_uri='spotify:album:1Je1IMUlBXcx1Fz0WE7oPT', offset=dict(uri='spotify:track:1301WleyT98MSxVHPZCA6M'), position_ms=1000 ) ''' await self._client.player_play(, **kwargs)
[docs] async def pause(self): '''Pauses playback.''' await self._client.player_pause(
[docs] async def seek(self, time): ''' Seeks to a specified time in the current track. :param time: timedelta object or milliseconds (integer) ''' await self._client.player_seek(time=time,
[docs] async def repeat(self, state): ''' Set player repeat mode. :param str state: Can be 'track', 'context' or 'off'. ''' await self._client.player_repeat(state=state,
[docs] async def volume(self, volume): ''' Set player volume. :param int volume: Value from 0 to 100. ''' await self._client.player_volume(volume=volume,
[docs] async def shuffle(self, state): ''' Set player shuffle mode. :param bool state: Shuffle mode state. ''' await self._client.player_shuffle(state=state,