Source code for asyncspotify.device

from .object import SpotifyObject

[docs]class Device(SpotifyObject): ''' Represents a Device object. is_active: bool Whether this device is currently the active device. is_private_session: bool If the device session is private. is_restricted: bool Whether controlling this device is restricted. If this is ``true``, no API commands will work on it. name: str Name of this device. type: str Equal to ``device``. volume_percent: int Volume of this device. Integer between 0 to 100. ''' _type = 'device' def __init__(self, client, data): super().__init__(client, data) self.is_active = data.pop('is_active') self.is_private_session = data.pop('is_private_session') self.is_restricted = data.pop('is_restricted') self.volume_percent = data.pop('volume_percent')