Source code for asyncspotify.artist

from .mixins import ExternalURLMixin, ImageMixin
from .object import SpotifyObject

class _BaseArtist(SpotifyObject, ExternalURLMixin):
	_type = 'artist'

	def __init__(self, client, data):
		super().__init__(client, data)

		ExternalURLMixin.__init__(self, data)

	async def top_tracks(self, market=None):
		Returns this artists top tracks.

		:param market: Market to find tracks for. Auto-resolved by the library if left blank.
		:return: List[:class:`FullTrack`]

		return await self._client.get_artist_top_tracks(, market=market)

	async def related_artists(self):
		Get related artists. Maximum of 20 artists.

		:return: List[:class:`FullArtist`]

		return await self._client.get_artist_related_artists(

	async def albums(self, limit=20, include_groups=None, country=None, offset=None):
		Get artists albums

		:return: List[:class:`SimpleAlbum`]

		return await self._client.get_artist_albums(,

[docs]class SimpleArtist(_BaseArtist): ''' Represents an Artist object. id: str Spotify ID of the artist. name: str Name of the artist. uri: str Spotify URI of the artist. link: str Spotify URL of the artist. external_urls: dict Dictionary that maps type to url. '''
[docs]class FullArtist(_BaseArtist, ImageMixin): ''' Represents a complete Artist object. This type has some additional attributes not existent in :class:`SimpleArtist`. follow_count: int Follow count of the artist. genres: List[str] Genres associated with the artist. popularity: int An indicator of the popularity of the track, 0 being least popular and 100 being the most. images: List[:class:`Image`] List of associated images. ''' def __init__(self, client, data): super().__init__(client, data) ImageMixin.__init__(self, data) self.follower_count = data['followers']['total'] self.genres = data.pop('genres') self.popularity = data.pop('popularity')