Source code for asyncspotify.album

from datetime import datetime

from .mixins import ArtistMixin, ExternalIDMixin, ExternalURLMixin, ImageMixin, TrackMixin
from .object import SpotifyObject
from .track import SimpleTrack

class _BaseAlbum(SpotifyObject, TrackMixin, ImageMixin, ExternalURLMixin, ArtistMixin):
	_type = 'album'
	_track_class = SimpleTrack
	__date_fmt = dict(year='%Y', month='%Y-%m', day='%Y-%m-%d')

	def __init__(self, client, data):
		super().__init__(client, data)

		TrackMixin.__init__(self, data)
		ImageMixin.__init__(self, data)
		ExternalURLMixin.__init__(self, data)
		ArtistMixin.__init__(self, data)

		self.album_group = data.pop('album_group', None)  # can be None, though this is not specified in the API docs
		self.album_type = data.pop('album_type')
		self.available_markets = data.pop('available_markets', None)

		self.release_date_precision = data.pop('release_date_precision')

		if self.release_date_precision is None:
			self.release_date = None
				self.release_date = datetime.strptime(
			except ValueError:
				self.release_date = None

[docs]class SimpleAlbum(_BaseAlbum): ''' Represents an Album object. .. note:: To iterate all tracks, you have to use the ``async for`` construct or fill the object with ``.fill()`` before iterating ``.tracks``. id: str Spotify ID of the album. name: str Name of the album. tracks: List[:class:`Track`] List of tracks on the album. artists: List[:class:`Artist`] List of artists that appear on the album. images: List[:class:`Image`] List of associated images, such as album cover in different sizes. track_count: int The expected track count as advertised by the last paging object. ``is_filled()`` can return True even if fewer tracks than this exists in ``tracks``, since some fetched tracks from the API can be None for various reasons. uri: str Spotify URI of the album. link: str Spotify URL of the album. type: str Plaintext string of object type: ``album``. album_type: Type of album, e.g. ``album``, ``single`` or ``compilation``. available_markets: List[str] or None Markets where the album is available: ISO-3166-1_. external_urls: dict Dictionary that maps type to url. release_date: `datetime <>`_ Date (and maybe time) of album release. release_date_precision: str Precision of ``release_date``. Can be ``year``, ``month``, or ``day``. album_group: str or None Type of album, e.g. ``album``, ``single``, ``compilation`` or ``appears_on``. '''
[docs]class FullAlbum(_BaseAlbum, ExternalIDMixin): ''' Represents a complete Album object. This type has some additional attributes not existent in :class:`SimpleAlbum`. genres: List[str] List of genres associated with the album. label: str The label for the album. popularity: int An indicator of the popularity of the album, 0 being least popular and 100 being the most. copyrights: dict List of copyright objects. external_ids: dict Dictionary of external IDs. ''' def __init__(self, client, data): super().__init__(client, data) ExternalIDMixin.__init__(self, data) self.genres = data.pop('genres') self.label = data.pop('label') self.popularity = data.pop('popularity') self.copyrights = data.pop('copyrights')